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Dust Control


Comfort Flow Mats

(Sizes: 3×5 / 4×6)


Scrapper Mats

(Sizes: 3×5 / 4×6 / 3×10)


Mats (Colors: Red / Black / Brown / Gray)

(Sizes: 3×5 / 4×6 / 3×10)


Custom Design Logo Mats

(Sizes: 3×5 / 4×6 / 3×10)

With 24 colors to choose from, put your logo on a mat. Give our Sales Department a call look at all the possibilities and suggestions on where to use floor mats.

Antimicrobial Mats–For our Germ Conscious Customers

  • EPA registered treatment that lasts through our washing process
  • Kills germs and bacteria on contact

Floor Mats are essential for any high traffic area. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Remove up to 80% of soil that could otherwise be tracked into your business
  • Rental mat pile or carpet is actually heat twisted nylon yarns that act as brushes to scrub the soles of shoes
  • Protect high traffic areas
  • Enhance appearances. Doesn’t everyone like to step on nice logo mats?
  • Absorb and dissipate static electricity (sorry, no carpet shocking allowed)
  • You don’t touch them–we exchange the soiled mats each week with clean ones
  • SAVE MONEY on cleaning costs–Rental mats work every minute of the day!
  • Safety during bad weather–Greatly reduces the risk of slips and falls!